There she is! Lying down wrapped up in the wet blanket of tears.

There she is! My little angel, about to wake from her world of sleep.

As she opened her eyes one tear shed on the pillow of her dreams…

…and the pain starts again, takes the day away.

I’ve never seen her like this. Squirming like a worm while unhurt.

I’ve never seen her being a paralyzed helpless soul…someone please go and save her.

I’m untouched, left alone and all she wanted was to be held in my arms.

Look at her running around the house like a stubborn child;

There goes my love, my unacquainted thirst.


There she is! All cooped up in the corner of the room.

There she is! So afraid of being doomed.

Her last man left her too as she lost her way but I’m still here by her side…

…waiting…for her to be my side.

Hold my hand; I whispered in her ear. She looked here and there.

“He’s not going to come back, he’s gone so you better be mine now…I’ve been waiting for so long”

Oh! I love her insanity, her purity. I want to save her…

Look at her coming towards me …”Yes my dearest! Fly, fly and I’ll catch you”

There she is now! The girl who always wanted to fly…resting in peace!


Reborn…A Short Story by Anamika Dutta

“No please don’t take her away; let me be there for her, please I want to be there; God I love you so much Shreya…” Nobody paid attention to Rohan’s helpless cry that night as he broke down crying on the Hospital floor; all he wanted to do was to be there for his wife as the doctors took her into the operation-theatre. Had he imagined this would happen on their honeymoon; all the plans they made while starting their new-life together were all crumbling down. Every time Rohan would close his eyes, he’d get a flashback of the day he proposed her.

It was a fine Sunday night; on Rohan’s 31st Birthday, he had taken Shreya to Hard-rock cafe; Lord! She was looking just like a princess in that white gown; little did she know Rohan had plans to keep her with him forever and beyond. Her sun-kissed skin would glow in the lights and her eyes had lit up when she heard the live band playing one of her favourite songs of all time “…Lag ja gale k fir yeh hasin raat ho na ho…” and Rohan had dropped down on his knees with the ring. You see they had met at a mutual friend’s wedding. It wasn’t love at first sight for any of them. They had become such good friends over time that spending the lifetime together seemed quite a natural thing to do. Rohan himself never imagined ending up with a girl like Shreya; they were both so different yet so close. Although he had seen Shreya before but that was in college as she was his senior but that night at the wedding they discovered how much they hated being at the wedding and mutually agreed upon how it was too soon for them to get married. That night was the start; after that Rohan would often pick her up from work and take her around for long-rides as they both loved each-other’s company. They fell in love without even realizing it. Shreya was never quite like the other girls in general but that’s what every lover thinks about his girlfriend but in this case it’s actually the truth. Shreya would never make an effort to make guys like her; she was a bit too chilled and comfortable in her own skin whereas Rohan had only dated aspiring models being the college hunk. Their usual dates would be spent watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ marathon or some Anime series over the internet. Shreya was obsessed with Anime; Rohan used to call her ‘Nagisa’ from her favourite Anime series ‘ Clannad’ as their love-story was quite the same; junior dating a senior. So many nights she would rest her head on his chest and cry over that stupid Anime…”no it wasn’t stupid, it was Shreya’s favourite”, Rohan would rephrase it in his head for countless times. Nothing Shreya ever liked was stupid; she looked so innocent while watching that series like they had existed in her life and she knew them by heart. Rohan was in bad shape when they started going out as he was fresh out of a break-up; rejection from a girl whom he had thought his world of; she was all that pretty and glamorous, the one you’d do anything for and even after doing everything for her she’d still let you go. Shreya helped him a lot to put his pieces back together and with her help and support Rohan discovered who he really was and how blind he had become running behind her just like a moth runs towards the fire. Rohan’s ex didn’t do anything for his growth; to make him a better person instead she made him dependent on things that were no good for him.

Shreya was fighting with death in that OT refusing to give up, “I know she can do it, Shreya has that never giving up attitude, she’ll survive. I know”, he’d convince himself again and again.

Their wedding wasn’t any extravagant ceremony rather it was short and simple just the way Shreya wanted it to be. Only close friends and family were invited to the reception party at a well-known property nearby their apartment in Mumbai. The food was excellent and what more could the visitors want? They both were blessed with love and best wishes from both their families and friends although for a few it turned out to be a shock but they were ready to give up on that as they saw how happy they were with each other. There were much discussions about the honeymoon destination but in the end it was decided upon Sikkim; the place where Shreya had spent her 18th birthday. She was excited to visit Sikkim again. For Rohan her happiness mattered the most so he had no input on that.

Shreya was an only child and so was Rohan; both families were more than happy to accept each other as the fact of Shreya being older than Rohan didn’t carry much weight as the whole world could see they were two well-fitted pieces of one puzzle.

“Why would you do this to her Rohan? Why would you let her be alone on the hills; you knew this would happen…”, it took Rohan a while to get back to the present state from the flashback; he saw Shreya’s mother running towards him with tears and rage in her eyes. Before she could say anything more Shreya’s father held her into his arms saying “calm down! It’s not over yet”. Rohan didn’t know what to say or how to explain himself but how would they know that Hills made Shreya so happy; her eyes would light up, she had become a little girl again jumping here and there playing around with snow…once just once Rohan had turned his back to her and that too to find the driver and in that moment she had…!

“Rohan if something happens to her, we will never be able to forgive you,” Shreya’s father said with a heavy heart.

“If something happens to her, do you think I’ll be able to forgive myself? She’s my life. You know how much I love her,” it took a lot of strength to speak those words out loud for Rohan but somehow Shreya’s love had made him strong enough to survive.

“How is she doing? How’s it looking in their doctor?” Shreya’s father asked the doctor coming out of the OR completely ignoring Rohan’s reply.

“She’s barely holding on. Her wounds are more catastrophic that we had hoped for; the height she had fallen from, also the body was lying…”

“Shreya, her name’s Shreya, please do not refer to her as ‘body’ doctor,” Rohan would interrupt.

“Pardon, Shreya’s condition is fragile; we cannot say anything right now. We have done as much as we could now it’s all upto the upper hand.”

“She never believed in Gods or Goddesses; she used to say doctors are the ones who save lives, they must be the Gods and Goddesses,” Rohan murmured and again sank in his previous state of trance.

Shreya loved wearing dresses; she never liked pants, she’d say “It’s trouble wearing them and going to the loo, it’s so much easier when you wear a dress,” she wanted a wedding dress like the ones they wear during Christian weddings; the big, fluffy, white ones; she had even selected one design over the internet which would be custom-made for her and it was supposed to be delivered by the time they got back home from Sikkim. “Will she ever get to wear that? Of course she will, what am I even thinking…” as he became more and more restless with time, the sound from the heart-monitor would pierce his brain with uncertainty.

The night doesn’t seem to be over, somehow Rohan had believed in his heart that once the night is over everything will fall back in place just the way Shreya used to say “Once you see the sun rising from the hills, it’s like the beginning of a new era filled with lights, just like you’ve been reborn into this world. You can do whatever you want. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day,  it’s a new life…and I’m feeling good,” she’d sing with her sweet voice holding Rohan’s hand, resting her head by his shoulder.

Rohan  got up from a light push on his shoulder by the doctor; he had fallen asleep but how could he just fall asleep when Shreya was in a situation like that but Rohan felt so comfortable thinking about Shreya’s melodies in his head, “I suggest you to see her once, she’s able to talk, her parents are already in there.” Rohan couldn’t wait anymore, he rushed in.

“What have I done to you Shreya. It’s all because of me. I was careless. I love you so much…” he could’nt finish his sentence as he grabbed her hand and sat down beside her, she tried her very best to smile; in a very weak tone she said “You see, you should have never called me ‘Nagisa’. You know how their story ended.”

“Stop! Please stop Shreya. Our story will not end like this. You will get better, Please get better.”

“But I cannot dear. Don’t you see it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and I’ve been reborn into this world like I’ve always wanted to be.”

“Shreya what about me huh? You don’t want to be with me?….Answer me darn it…” In the anticipation of her next words he had forgotten about his surroundings; there’s one constant sound in his head coming from somewhere close but perhaps it was due to lack of sleep and a high stress-level. Rohan kept on asking Shreya for the answer “Come on Shreya, answer me, why do you want to leave me…” Until the nurse came and dragged him away from the bed and he saw her beautiful sun-kissed skin was so dreadfully pale, her bright eyes had been closed for too long, her whole body was covered with bandages; it wasn’t his Shreya, he couldn’t recognize her. She had turned into someone else; she was right, she had been reborn.

The Heart Wants What It Wants… (A Short Story)

Their hearts didn’t even stop beating out of their chests but Abhi’s second attempt at making Aisha breathless again had started; it was not quite often that they’d have a marathon throughout the afternoon; sometimes work didn’t allow them and sometimes strength. Wasn’t too long till Bruno started scratching on the door, perhaps Mom and Dad had spent a little too much time inside that closed room; Bruno wanted his treat for the afternoon. It was one of those romantic rainy days of Mumbai as they show on Bollywood movies however Abhishek and Aisha’s life was perhaps one untold Bollywood script; they had met during a flight to Delhi; Abhishek was going to attend a friend’s wedding and Aisha was on a trip to visit family. Her phone had rang during the unbearable twenty-five minutes before take-off; although it was an unwanted call but that call got Aisha someone whom she had wanted since she was a teenager,

“Ikimono Gakari? Seriously dude? You listen to them?”

Aisha first didn’t know how to reciprocate to this simple question as she turned her head towards the next seat where a young and charming man was sitting, “Yeah, I love them, they’re amazing”…and so it began; and it didn’t stop eversince.

They’d find similarities in between each other every now and then; it was like they were two sides of the same coin. From the passionate love making as soon as they got off the flight in Delhi to getting an apartment for the two of them in Mumbai; their story was going way too well.


“I’m gonna go for a smoke; I’ll join you in the shower”, as Abhi tried to leave the room and approach the Balcony, Aisha stopped him by putting her legs across his shoulders “I don’t think we’re quite done here yet Mister”…as he pulled her across the edge of the bed, poor Bruno had to wait another twenty minutes for his treat.



Aisha wasn’t really expecting anyone at that time of the day; it was her weekday off and nobody visited them during the weekdays; even if they had friends coming over it was usually during the weekends. Abhishek had just left for work, “who could it be?”, She murmured while walking upto the door.


“Pooja, it’s you? Why are you here?”

“Well, how’re you two?”

“It’s just me, you missed Abhi, he just left in case it’s him you wanted to meet.”

“Oh! No it’s fine, I meet Abhi plenty, I’m here to talk to you. Can I come in? Have a seat ‘cause gal you need to sit down to listen to this.”


As they both sat on the couch Aisha asked if Pooja wanted anything to drink but she denied; they were both quiet for a few minutes as if words weren’t a thing in between them but soon Pooja pulled something out of her purse and gave it to Aisha.

“You see he left it at my apartment on Sunday night”, it was Abhi’s charm that he used to wear around his neck. Before Aisha could take Pooja’s words in, she opened up once again “Look, don’t be mad at him, he was drunk, he didn’t know what he was doing…I don’t want you guys to fight because of me”

“Get out”, that’s all Aisha could say at that moment and it seemed like the perfect reaction Pooja was hoping for, she said nothing in reply; after keeping the charm on the table in front of them she left their apartment quietly.



Abhishek was trying hard to open the door with one bouquet in his arm and a huge teddy on the other; he didn’t want to drop any of those two on the floor; somehow he managed to open up anyway. He snuck up on Aisha sitting on the couch looking lifelessly towards outside. He kissed her neck and forwarded the bouquet of white orchids. Aisha seemed startled by the sudden gesture and instead of her “awww, so sweet of you” reaction, she seemed annoyed”, she moved away from Abhishek the way she does after seeing a lizard as if she was disgusted by him.

“What happened Baby, it’s for you.”

“Abhi I’ve packed your stuff, please leave as soon as possible and take the charm with you, I found it under the mattress, I know you were looking for it”, she pointed towards the table.

“What? Why? Baby what happened? Talk to me”, he tried to hold her close, calm her down but she wouldn’t listen so he picked her up and made her lie down on the couch and started kissing her with so much love and affection in his eyes but Aisha wasn’t herself, she just wouldn’t give in.

“STOP!!! I said LEAVE”, Bruno had come to Papa’s rescue, poor thing didn’t understand why Mommy was so mad at papa, he tried to lick Abhi’s pain away. Before Abhi could say a word more, Aisha stormed out the apartment; Abhi wanted to run behind her but he was standing there as a solid rock as if he had just found out that he lost the gal he loved; he couldn’t move. He waited for her to come back, called her, texted her, even texted her friends to check if she was with them. He even texted her ex-boyfriend to check if she had gone back to him who seemed to be laughing at his situation. “I guess Karma is a bitch”, Abhi smirked. Around midnight he received a text from Aisha “I’m not going in as long as you’re there, now if you want me to spend the night in the streets then please be my guest.” He couldn’t do that now could he? Bruno was sound asleep, he had to pat him one last time without waking him up because if he did, Bruno wouldn’t let him go…he left with his bags leaving the bouquet and teddy on the bed.


“Thanks for seeing me again though; I had not thought you would because I hurt your little girlfriend and I heard she kicked you out”, Pooja said sarcastically.

“Oh! Pooja you sound so stupid, I see why I like that jaw closed and hands tied, you’re a stupid chick and perhaps with all these words I’m turning you on but bitch I know why you did what you did, I called you by her name that night? Didn’t I? I was calling you Aisha? What were you thinking I was drunk so I’d forget the one I love and enjoy having sex with you? You dumb bitch..you hid my charm that night, so that you can take revenge; you knew I’d look for it, she gifted me that once I had lost my own, you knew how much it meant to me. You’re so fucking jealous of her and yes you should be, you come nowhere near her; you’re only good for a night and that too when I’m drunk and she’s my everything”

“She’ll never take you back, your everything now thinks nothing of you”, Pooja tried to pretend that Abhi’s words didn’t hurt her at all; as she rested her back on the couch blowing the smoke in the air she said “Abhi, don’t you see, you and I, we’re a team.”


“Fuck you!”

“Your place or mine?” Pooja smirked.

Abhi left the coffee shop with utter disgust on his face throwing a five-hundred bill on the table.


Aisha saw Abhi sitting outside the door coming back home after a long day,

“You changed the locks.”

“What are you doing here?” Aisha seemed annoyed with his presence.

“Let me in, please, I don’t want to have this conversation in front of our neighbours.”

Aisha opened the door, pulled a bottle out of the refrigerator and gave it to Abhi, “You seem thirsty.”

Abhi put the bottle aside and held Aisha in his arms, “Baby I’m sorry, I know you didn’t want to find out like that, I should have told you but ..”

“It doesn’t matter Abhi. We’re done.”

“So you don’t love me anymore? Just like that?”

“Abhi I really cannot remember a moment where I actually loved you, I was more of, infatuated by you. I’m glad that you did what you did and I’m not mad at you because of that.”

“You know what, we’ll leave, let’s go to Texas, I’ll set everything up, we’ll be away from this bullshit”

Aisha said while freeing herself from Abhi’s embrace “But I like this bullshit, I love this city, you can leave and please do.”

“Why are you doing like this? For a mistake that I made while not even being myself? How can you treat me like this”…little Bruno was only hearing their conversation but as Abhi’s voice escalated he thought it was the perfect time to cuddle and calm them down but Abhi saw another version of Aisha that he never knew existed. She picked Bruno up and locked him inside the bedroom. The sound of scratching door made the ambience crueler than it already was.

“Let him out, why are you punishing him?”

“I’m teaching him how to resist, it’s good for him”

“Aisha you’ve changed”

“So have you Abhi…you’re twenty-four now. Not a kid anymore. I’m glad that it’s over, see I’m only making things easier for you. Now you can smoke on the bed after having sex, you don’t need to go out in the balcony, you can get drunk as much as you like and nobody will scold you. You can do whatever you want to because you’re a grown man. There shouldn’t be anyone telling you what to do and what not to do anymore.”

“But it never bothered me, you never bothered me. I did what I did because I love you and I didn’t mind doing all that for you.”

“That’s the sad part Abhi, I don’t love you. You know I was actually relieved the time you weren’t here. I got so tired of you. Tired of your stupid, insensitive comments, tired of your bad singing and tired of your cooking and I was tired of looking at myself every day in the mirror thinking now what’s wrong with me. I’m so tired of your tales of being perfect and this and that and yes I loved the sex, you made me feel good but dear it’s nothing I cannot get for one night, you know what I cannot get? Being loved for who I am…someone who’ll love all my imperfections and will still think that I’m perfect. Have you ever complimented me on anything Abhi? Do you even know what it feels like to love a woman? I’m not a girl, I’m a woman and I want to be loved like one. I’m tired of trying to look good for you but still not being appreciated. You say you love me which perhaps you do but sweetheart I don’t need that kind of love. I’m glad you moved out. I don’t miss you anymore. I don’t think about you anymore and the sex? Yeah it was good but I’ve been hit by you so many times now that I don’t even feel you anymore. You’re a boy with needs who can just get drunk and make a mistake just like that; I’m looking for something that is so much more than you are Abhi.”

Abhi was speechless like a stone-cold statue; he couldn’t even look at Aisha. Aisha smiled and kissed his cheeks and said “take care’ while hugging him.


It was the first time for Aisha walking by the Marine-drive without holding hands of someone or having someone by her side; mild rain and high tides; old Aisha would hold the arm more passionately and perhaps they’ll share a kiss or two but Aisha felt contained that night being alone and all by herself. She was enjoying her freedom, finally she had learnt what it feels to be alone and satisfied, no she didn’t need a man.

“…I can’t give it up, with someone else as such ‘cause I care too much, care too much….” Aisha was humming in her own head as the white BMW pulled up on the side of the road; Aisha couldn’t care any less, she kept walking by the side of the shore until she heard the familiar voice calling out her name,

“Aisha? Is that you? God you’ve changed since I saw you the last time, how long ago was that? It has been ten years….”


Illusion; so it ended!

Why is it that every time I visit this city, the air suffocates me?

I try to speak the truth out loud to the world, to everyone, to the people who have done me wrong but I choke on my own words.

So there’s no justice for us? Us who are the victims of lust, desperation and betrayal?

I remember the scent of the monster because he used to be so close to me; we used to lie down together and I dreamt of our monstrous house with huge dogs and a garden and a porch and a little one by our side!

I shed my tears in silence.

Why is it that every time I visit this city, I see you everywhere I go?

The sound of his unusual steps still give me chills in the middle of the night yet I miss them, I keep waiting on hearing those steps again. Oh, please, dear please release me from this pain, take me with you to the land where my mind is free; take me where you had promised to be.

“You had left this city, so why come back?”

I’m here for the settlement of my emotional debt on him; I’m here to be legally free yet to be covered with his scent, his touch, his name, his everything for the rest of my life because I once was…I was his!

“I understand your pain; it’s better you left, you deserve more…”

I deserve better? I deserve someone to love me for who I am? I deserve someone who will not be intimidated by my personality, will respect me, will stand up for me, will fight, live and breathe for me?

“I know I’ve reached the peak of stupidity; I shouldn’t have said all that, you obviously know it already; anyways tell me how is Bombay?”

It’s new but it feels old, I’m surrounded by people but I feel alone.

“Sorry! But do you miss him?”

Not sure which him. The caring one, the abusive one, the manipulative one, the liar one, the lustful one or the one which was my illusion! I miss something, I miss the broken dreams and dishes and promises! You know I had plans? Plans with the monster; I used to stack his selves with my belongings; I did it time and again and I removed them myself…

“Hold on there, don’t cry dear, I’m here, there there”

They don’t stop, even after a year, even when it’s the same would again and again; I was in Love, it was love.

“Do you want him back?”


“Then why are you here?”

Because he doesn’t exist. The one I loved, the one I’ve ever wanted, the one I’ve given my heart and soul to, doesn’t exist. It’s all an illusion. Why are you here? Why are you consoling me? What do you want? What’s your ulterior motive?

“Perhaps I’m an illusion too; I live in your head”

You can’t be there because you cannot keep up. Can you? Can you keep up with the storm in my head?

“Just think of it as a beginning, a beginning of a new end.”

Love, Logical

Ever had that feeling in the morning before opening your eyes, you hyperventilate and start sobbing in your sleep? You don’t have the strength to wake up and you’re not happy or excited that it’s a new day instead you feel “why did I wake up today?” Anybody who has been through a heartbreak or has watched ‘Breaking Bad’ has felt this way; the reason is quite simple, sometimes we get attached to people or even characters, with those we can easily connect to. It’s nearly impossible for us to accept the fact that they’re no longer in our lives anymore and we don’t have a reason to live.

Some decisions that I’ve made in my life being impulsive and immature and I wish I could go back in time and change them; I’m sure everyone feels that way at some point of time in life. When I fell in love, it was blind and I too was blinded in love. I never learned how to exist without that person but now I’m left with no choice; this time it is different because I’ve made that choice myself.

Just a day ago I was sitting in the GVK one food court with a plate of fruit salad and a Lemonade and I discovered something about myself; I realized that the pieces of the fruits that I like (Watermelon and Grapes), I was saving them for later and the ones I didn’t like (Chikoo and Apple), I was finishing them off quickly. Maybe that’s how life is served to me as well and I’m here finishing off with the things that I don’t like, saving some great experiences for later and the Lemonade is there to keep everything balanced. Let’s think of the pieces of fruits I don’t like as the bad choices I’ve made in life and pieces of fruits I like as the good events that I’m yet to experience; the Lemonade is a friend who’s there to make you feel better when you accidentally put a piece of Chikoo in your mouth instead of Watermelon.

Life’s simple, we are the ones who make it complicated and ask ourselves “why did this happen?” “How did this happen”, well we made it happen, we couldn’t keep up with ourselves but Love isn’t supposed to feel like that, Love doesn’t need to make you feel suffocated, Love is beautiful, it should always lift you up and not make you feel down. Love isn’t about who’s mistake it was and who said what, it’s about well ‘us’ is all we’ve got and in the end ‘us’ is all we have.

Sometimes we love someone too much and they don’t deserve to know us like that; sometimes we give too much forgetting what the other person requires or looking for and in the end we are left being hurt and scarred for life, this is all against the purpose of Love, Love is supposed to heal you.

Being hurt is okay, learning to live alone is okay, a fear of losing oneself is okay but being with someone who hurts you, leaves you alone and asks you to lose your individuality is not okay. In the end I can only say ‘thank you’, for not being there, thank you for misunderstanding me, thank you for making me believe that I deserve better.

Travel Diaries – Digha

2014 was somewhat an okay year for me (I’d say a goodish year, I just made up that word because that’s how it was). I have the soul of a traveler so I never miss out on a chance to get out of this town. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of all the sparkles, presents; I believe in miracles and everybody knows that Christmas is the best time to experience one; so I went on a search of a miracle.

It’s my final year at the college, with all the pressure for the upcoming exams, we (Me, Mum and Dad) didn’t have much time to spare so we decided on a small weekend trip; Destination Digha. As usual we plan everything in a hurry so everything good was booked but with the help of our Travel Agent we got tickets for ‘Kandari Express’ which is a daily train from Howrah to Digha. I prefer the hills; naturally I wasn’t quite excited about the trip but was sort of relieved because it was away from these familiar faces. If you want to go to Digha, go by road, hire a Bus or travel by Car. There’re only two trains which go directly to Digha, one is Duronto Express (The best option) another one is Kandari Express (AKA Tamralipto Express) I’m from Bardhaman but the trains leave from Howrah station so at first we had to go to Howrah to catch the train. You can book tickets online from the official website of Indian Railways or you can leave it all upto the Travel Agency. If you’re from Bardhaman I’d recommend ‘Mangalam Travels’ (mangalam.tr.bwn@gmail.com or 9475001656/9434300661/9332327543) Digha is in East Midnapur, West Bengal and quite a nice place to visit (Only place where you can see the sea in West-Bengal) so during the holidays, it’s usually more crowded and everything is more expensive from food to lodging.

 28th December, Day 1, Destination: Digha – We packed our bags (Although it was a weekend trip but yeah we packed a bit too much, it was all about ‘just in case’) and reached Howrah at 12.30PM, had our lunch there; then we got into Kandari Express which left the station at 2.15PM sharp. The train didn’t trouble us much; we reached Digha at 5.50PM.


The Digha station is a Flag Station (End of the tracks) it’s quite clean and tidy, modern I must say.

We had previously booked two rooms at Hotel Ashiyana (Everything else was booked but the Hotel is actually pretty good, I didn’t expect it to be that good though) I didn’t have the chance to pick the best room because both the rooms were identical with no sea-view. It takes about 4 minutes in a Rickshaw to reach the hotel from the station, the beach is about 10 minutes away (Walking Distance)

Hotel Ashiyana

After reaching the Hotel, we freshened up a little and went out for a stroll, I wanted to get a glimpse of the sea but it was dark out so we could only hear the tides but see none. So we came back and planned for the next day.

DSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0059


29th December, Day 2, Destination – Tour to Mondarmoni, Tajpur, Sankarpur and Digha Mohana: We hired a private car which takes around 1500 bucks to roam around the other beaches like Mondarmoni and Sankarpur. The car arrived at 8AM; we were eagerly waiting to get out of the hotel. At first we went to Mondarmoni; definitely the best place we visited during our stay. The sea is calm like a river and the beach is as far as your eyes can behold then a little more. It was a sunny day; the water was sparkling like diamonds. It felt good to even just stand there and look at the view. I wanted to do so many things, from Parasailing to speed-boating forgetting the fact that I was with my parents, for obvious reason (I might get hurt) I got permission just to get into the water in a Boat. That’s it but it was a beautiful experience. For 15 minutes it felt like the world has ended, I could touch the horizon with my fingers but every time I reached for it, it seemed to be getting far, far away from me.

There are many beach resorts and luxurious hotels at Mondarmoni to stay at; I’d say it’s worth it.

DSC00036 DSC_0030

Next we went to Tajpur



Sankarpur is another significant beach; it was way too crowded when we reached there. Basically it’s Mondarmoni’s twin:






On our way back to the Hotel, we stopped at the Digha Mohana; it smelled fishy, literally. I almost puked because of the disgusting smell which is such a shame because it’s a beautiful place but God that stench! It’s the place where they leave the fishes out in the open in order to dry them, later they sell them in the market. I lost my appetite; Mum got sick, we ran back to the car almost out of breath. We reached the Hotel at 1.30PM. We were all so tired to get out so we spent the evening in our rooms watching TV and eating Pakoras and Tea.


30th December, Day 3, Destination – Bardhaman: Don’t know why but I was feeling lazy that morning so I woke up around 8AM probably because I didn’t wanna come back home; although I didn’t quite like the place but still it was better than this town. We got ready to take a final stroll to the Digha Beach because we hadn’t been able to see it. It was utterly disappointing especially because it was a cloudy day, the sea was calm and it was cold; just not a good day to have fun at the beach. We gave up and concentrated on the most important thing – Shopping.

DSC_0001 DSC_0004


After coming back to the hotel, we packed our bags and went to have lunch. Took an afternoon nap and left the Hotel at 5.15PM to catch our train. We had tickets for Kandari Express which departed at 6.20PM sharp; oh boy it was just bad. The train arrived at Howrah station at 11.00PM; it was supposed to arrive at around 10’o clock. We didn’t have time to have dinner moreover we didn’t want to have dinner because we had lost our appetite completely. We were in a hurry to get back home because Mum and Dad both had work the next day so we got the tickets for Jodhpur Express which left the station at 11.40PM and reached Bardhaman at 12.50AM.

If you want to have a great time at Digha then winter is not the best time to visit, go in March-April or September-October. There are many great places to visit like The Udaipur Beach, Kopal Kundala Mondir, The Light House; we didn’t have enough time to visit all the places. Do I plan to go back? Yes I do because I wanna go para-sailing and speed-boating in the sea but perhaps not with my parents again. 😛

This is my first post in 2015, have a great year everyone. 🙂

What Is Beauty?

The world is beautiful, it sure is. I’m not. They say so. I find the world beautiful because it has accepted me the way I am.

There sure are a lot of beautiful people around; they look pretty but feel like nothing; empty.

There’s no warmth in their voices, when they talk they talk about how others aren’t as beautiful as them.
What is beauty?

The world is beautiful, it doesn’t talk back. It gave me life, love although I’m not as beautiful as the world.

Beautiful people cursed me, made fun of me, I was their entertainment.

But when I sat down under the hemlock, a mild breeze blew my pains away.
So what is beauty?

The true beauty of the world must be able to accept that not everything is but every little thing is beautiful.

A smile, a hug; dreams, hopes, chocolates,
Familiar smell, shared sweets, laughter,
Her imperfections, his numerous attempts to make her believe that imperfections are beautiful.

Truth is beauty, beauty is all.

By Anamika Dutta©