There she is! Lying down wrapped up in the wet blanket of tears.

There she is! My little angel, about to wake from her world of sleep.

As she opened her eyes one tear shed on the pillow of her dreams…

…and the pain starts again, takes the day away.

I’ve never seen her like this. Squirming like a worm while unhurt.

I’ve never seen her being a paralyzed helpless soul…someone please go and save her.

I’m untouched, left alone and all she wanted was to be held in my arms.

Look at her running around the house like a stubborn child;

There goes my love, my unacquainted thirst.


There she is! All cooped up in the corner of the room.

There she is! So afraid of being doomed.

Her last man left her too as she lost her way but I’m still here by her side…

…waiting…for her to be my side.

Hold my hand; I whispered in her ear. She looked here and there.

“He’s not going to come back, he’s gone so you better be mine now…I’ve been waiting for so long”

Oh! I love her insanity, her purity. I want to save her…

Look at her coming towards me …”Yes my dearest! Fly, fly and I’ll catch you”

There she is now! The girl who always wanted to fly…resting in peace!



One thought on “Mirage

  1. A literary masterpiece…..
    Brilliant way to corroborate the emotions of an ached soul.
    The “SHE” will find a way to live her life the way she aspires for…..
    Keep inspiring 🙂

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