Travel Diaries – Digha

2014 was somewhat an okay year for me (I’d say a goodish year, I just made up that word because that’s how it was). I have the soul of a traveler so I never miss out on a chance to get out of this town. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of all the sparkles, presents; I believe in miracles and everybody knows that Christmas is the best time to experience one; so I went on a search of a miracle.

It’s my final year at the college, with all the pressure for the upcoming exams, we (Me, Mum and Dad) didn’t have much time to spare so we decided on a small weekend trip; Destination Digha. As usual we plan everything in a hurry so everything good was booked but with the help of our Travel Agent we got tickets for ‘Kandari Express’ which is a daily train from Howrah to Digha. I prefer the hills; naturally I wasn’t quite excited about the trip but was sort of relieved because it was away from these familiar faces. If you want to go to Digha, go by road, hire a Bus or travel by Car. There’re only two trains which go directly to Digha, one is Duronto Express (The best option) another one is Kandari Express (AKA Tamralipto Express) I’m from Bardhaman but the trains leave from Howrah station so at first we had to go to Howrah to catch the train. You can book tickets online from the official website of Indian Railways or you can leave it all upto the Travel Agency. If you’re from Bardhaman I’d recommend ‘Mangalam Travels’ ( or 9475001656/9434300661/9332327543) Digha is in East Midnapur, West Bengal and quite a nice place to visit (Only place where you can see the sea in West-Bengal) so during the holidays, it’s usually more crowded and everything is more expensive from food to lodging.

 28th December, Day 1, Destination: Digha – We packed our bags (Although it was a weekend trip but yeah we packed a bit too much, it was all about ‘just in case’) and reached Howrah at 12.30PM, had our lunch there; then we got into Kandari Express which left the station at 2.15PM sharp. The train didn’t trouble us much; we reached Digha at 5.50PM.


The Digha station is a Flag Station (End of the tracks) it’s quite clean and tidy, modern I must say.

We had previously booked two rooms at Hotel Ashiyana (Everything else was booked but the Hotel is actually pretty good, I didn’t expect it to be that good though) I didn’t have the chance to pick the best room because both the rooms were identical with no sea-view. It takes about 4 minutes in a Rickshaw to reach the hotel from the station, the beach is about 10 minutes away (Walking Distance)

Hotel Ashiyana

After reaching the Hotel, we freshened up a little and went out for a stroll, I wanted to get a glimpse of the sea but it was dark out so we could only hear the tides but see none. So we came back and planned for the next day.

DSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0059


29th December, Day 2, Destination – Tour to Mondarmoni, Tajpur, Sankarpur and Digha Mohana: We hired a private car which takes around 1500 bucks to roam around the other beaches like Mondarmoni and Sankarpur. The car arrived at 8AM; we were eagerly waiting to get out of the hotel. At first we went to Mondarmoni; definitely the best place we visited during our stay. The sea is calm like a river and the beach is as far as your eyes can behold then a little more. It was a sunny day; the water was sparkling like diamonds. It felt good to even just stand there and look at the view. I wanted to do so many things, from Parasailing to speed-boating forgetting the fact that I was with my parents, for obvious reason (I might get hurt) I got permission just to get into the water in a Boat. That’s it but it was a beautiful experience. For 15 minutes it felt like the world has ended, I could touch the horizon with my fingers but every time I reached for it, it seemed to be getting far, far away from me.

There are many beach resorts and luxurious hotels at Mondarmoni to stay at; I’d say it’s worth it.

DSC00036 DSC_0030

Next we went to Tajpur



Sankarpur is another significant beach; it was way too crowded when we reached there. Basically it’s Mondarmoni’s twin:






On our way back to the Hotel, we stopped at the Digha Mohana; it smelled fishy, literally. I almost puked because of the disgusting smell which is such a shame because it’s a beautiful place but God that stench! It’s the place where they leave the fishes out in the open in order to dry them, later they sell them in the market. I lost my appetite; Mum got sick, we ran back to the car almost out of breath. We reached the Hotel at 1.30PM. We were all so tired to get out so we spent the evening in our rooms watching TV and eating Pakoras and Tea.


30th December, Day 3, Destination – Bardhaman: Don’t know why but I was feeling lazy that morning so I woke up around 8AM probably because I didn’t wanna come back home; although I didn’t quite like the place but still it was better than this town. We got ready to take a final stroll to the Digha Beach because we hadn’t been able to see it. It was utterly disappointing especially because it was a cloudy day, the sea was calm and it was cold; just not a good day to have fun at the beach. We gave up and concentrated on the most important thing – Shopping.

DSC_0001 DSC_0004


After coming back to the hotel, we packed our bags and went to have lunch. Took an afternoon nap and left the Hotel at 5.15PM to catch our train. We had tickets for Kandari Express which departed at 6.20PM sharp; oh boy it was just bad. The train arrived at Howrah station at 11.00PM; it was supposed to arrive at around 10’o clock. We didn’t have time to have dinner moreover we didn’t want to have dinner because we had lost our appetite completely. We were in a hurry to get back home because Mum and Dad both had work the next day so we got the tickets for Jodhpur Express which left the station at 11.40PM and reached Bardhaman at 12.50AM.

If you want to have a great time at Digha then winter is not the best time to visit, go in March-April or September-October. There are many great places to visit like The Udaipur Beach, Kopal Kundala Mondir, The Light House; we didn’t have enough time to visit all the places. Do I plan to go back? Yes I do because I wanna go para-sailing and speed-boating in the sea but perhaps not with my parents again. 😛

This is my first post in 2015, have a great year everyone. 🙂


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