What Is Beauty?

The world is beautiful, it sure is. I’m not. They say so. I find the world beautiful because it has accepted me the way I am.

There sure are a lot of beautiful people around; they look pretty but feel like nothing; empty.

There’s no warmth in their voices, when they talk they talk about how others aren’t as beautiful as them.
What is beauty?

The world is beautiful, it doesn’t talk back. It gave me life, love although I’m not as beautiful as the world.

Beautiful people cursed me, made fun of me, I was their entertainment.

But when I sat down under the hemlock, a mild breeze blew my pains away.
So what is beauty?

The true beauty of the world must be able to accept that not everything is but every little thing is beautiful.

A smile, a hug; dreams, hopes, chocolates,
Familiar smell, shared sweets, laughter,
Her imperfections, his numerous attempts to make her believe that imperfections are beautiful.

Truth is beauty, beauty is all.

By Anamika Dutta©



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