Last Resort

Her thoughts were all swollen and dark,

She mutters “Oh! Is this all there’s left to see?”

Since yesterday she has been asking strangers for kindness

“No good can be achieved if there’s no good done”

Has she not been the bad girl for a while now?

Playing around with feelings and emotions:

When her demon left taking a vow, since then, since then she has been alone.

But she found peace, a place to rest her thoughts,

In the horizon where the good and bad emerge,

There’s an end to her journey.

Time has stopped, everything is still,

She closed her eyes to see the one she longed.

Darkness, plain darkness,

No one is there; no one wants her back once she’s gone.

Poor little girl never thought this day would come,

They pass her by ignoring her existence.

“One familiar face, just one will do; someone please recognize me”

“This is the Last Resort child, have you someone to call?”

With bloodshot eyes and dried lips she whispered –

“I can’t go back; I’ve lost all my emotions and feelings”

…It’s better to have felt the pain than to feel nothing at all.

By Anamika Dutta©


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