The Journey

The Journey 
Cold was the night we talked for the last time,
As cold as it gave me chills; which I never felt while making love to you.
Scary was the night you left me forever alone,
As scary as I felt inside that closed room.
I looked up, the sky was clear but the stars never shined,
They looked gloomy as they could feel my pain;
I wanted to move ahead leaving your essence behind.
Sunny was the day I had a little glimpse of you,
As sunny as the day we went out to the park, had our first kiss.
I failed trying to recall what you gave me on last Valentine’s;
I think it’s this blue scarf I’m wearing or I bought it from that shop, downtown?
My memory is fading or you are fading away from my memory?
Although it’s been a journey, one hell of a journey;
We’d fall & get up & fall again.
I heard something which broke the silence, a melody.
Melancholy was the sound of the bird’s song,
As melancholy as the little boy who has just lost her mom.
I was shivering through the night,
The false alarm woke me up & I realized I was drowning in my own tears.
I had a dream, it was happy but I cried knowing it was just a dream.
I felt empty,
As empty as it gets from selling your soul to the devil.
Did I have a soul? Even before I sold it? I think I fooled the devil,
He took something away but it wasn’t my soul;
It’s you, it belongs to you, he took you away.
Now I see you everyday, we look at each other but don’t talk,
You are polishing the gate of hell & me, the lock.
By Anamika Dutta©

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