What Lies Within Us…!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”


“Dust thou art, and unto

Dust shall thou return.”

This biblical concept teaches us how we are nothing but empty from inside, being born from the dust and at the end of time will go back to where we came from. Whatever happens in our everyday life is just a reflection of our actions within. We feel ourselves at the moment of Anger, Happiness, Pain, Affection, Redemption and Fear thinking they might leave a mark on the inside. We don’t understand that what we have inside is much stronger than we think it is. It’s Holy, Spiritual and powerful giving us strength in our hardest times of life. We are keeping ourselves busy in the everyday matters. Yesterday’s pain and tomorrow what we might gain, these thoughts are chasing us like a wild beast. The power of our Conscience, our soul is being neglected by us every single day.

“We born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through Love and Friendship can we create the illusion of togetherness!” – By Malcom X

The quote tells us how we are recreating ourselves in every single moment of life. We believe what we’re seeing, the depth of every part of our deeds remain unrealized. We see the light within but fail to understand the power of it. We’re losing ourselves in this rat race of life. Death comes to all. But at that time we think about all our mortal achievements not our spiritual realizations. The almighty as we believe in has all the answers. He has enlightened us by giving all the answers to the unknown questions within ourselves. We fail to seek and capture the essence of it. As we’re all running out of time, going towards the path of death, we stay incomplete. Our souls don’t belong here. It has more meaning to it than our hearts can ensure.

By Anamika Dutta©



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