Poem ~ I Have a Dream


I have a dream, a vision, a crystal clear collision,

With reality mixed in illusion.

I have grounds. Occasionally I fly,

I hear the sounds when angels cry.

I have a heart, a soul, an aim and a goal,

I have left my longings covered in glitter on gold.

I have no shame, no fame;

Crying out loud in vein.

You have a speech, a persona that can reach,

People and their families with different dreams than mine.


They say, pray Life sometimes betray,

But I have gone away, astray.

Love exists but only in dreams, my dreams.

It’s ironic and delusional,

It’s platonic also conventional

What do you have to say,

About my visions? Different than others you say?

I answer to none.

Be practical said the man to the woman,

What’s the harm in letting her believe in what she wants?


By Anamika Dutta©



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