Poem ~ What Do You Seek?


What do you seek in those dry leaves?

Do you see my face..or you’ve fulfilled your need?

Why do you often turn away?

While my heart bleeds..yes it bleeds for your lust

The hunger, the rush

It bleeds ‘til it’s numb

It bleeds ‘til I become..your desire

The burning, bursting into flames of swiftness

Your mind covered with my existence

The eternal, carnal wish before the dark hour

What do you seek?

Can’t you see..we’re all here just for a matter of time?

Your ordinary body, not so pleasing eyes

But the rage, when you hold me close..the warm embrace;

The touch, when we engross ourselves in love..we shine,

I shine ‘til I bleed, I shine to be your need.

Everywhere your essence have been

The purity of your soul, the ever-ending wish

I want a hold of it, forever in time

I want to hold it with my dear hands

You belong with me, you are mine.

What do you seek?

Behold, I paint your face, in my thoughts

Your smell opens each & every sense of my body

In the solitude, I lack the need of passion

An overwhelming pain of losing you

How will I keep myself from not looking at your immortal face?

You ignorant child, souls are forever..

They do not leave the mind, they let go of thy body

I seek immortality of our blissful essay

I seek your existence ‘upon my sun-burnt brain’

Do not bother, you agitated fool-

I seek my love, concealing my pain.

By Anamika Dutta©


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