The Reluctant Pupils


Hello there, little buds, flowing with the wind

To those, reality don’t take a bite at

Fools, go chide create a new world with your bliss

Open your hearts & let your imagination run free

To those, who do not seek..!

Happy their souls are; filled with motifs of unknown dreams

They ask you? Do not answer, go & run free

Hide when they come to get you..

Cry your lungs out, have faith in me

You do not want to bow down

To those reluctant pupils.

Insane they are, lacking motivation with a pride of falsehood

Hollow souls, self-proclaimed intellectuals

Beware of those half-naked monsters

All they want is to suck up your innocence

To those molesters of beautiful souls

Blowing the whistle of the inevitable, the wrong perception

Cultivating open thoughts seared up to their skulls

They smell like burnt char

I forbid to come around, leave them as they are.

They stop me saying how am I no different?

I bear the same body without a conscience

I beg to differ; I dig up dirt & throw it on your face

Clean it with the shower of knowledge, I do not follow your lead

Close this chapter of madness; I hide my face from thee

I see those bear faces without their masks on

I turn away to protect the purer ones

You won’t stop, now would you?

You reluctant pupils, you feed on their purity

Manipulative conqueror without a conscience

I say: Stop I beg..let them be.


By Anamika Dutta©


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