Such a cold lover you are!

Your lips taste like snow

You have dropped your jar of hearts

The one you keep with yourself to show

I’ve searched for mine, it’s been bleeding out

I had to put gauze around it

..And now my Wedding dress is drenched in blood

But I will carry my heart


Such a brave man you are

That night you fought with a bunch of spirits..all by yourself

They came for me later

I spread out my wings and flew away

They had taken your throne, here have mine

I do not need it anymore

They say I’ll be doomed, if I’m already not

Go easy with the vain attempts, they hurt a lot

Leisure, leisure I pleaded

I ought to gather courage..enough to speak up

Refrain, hold that thought, and raise your voice

A strong urge for abnegation

Tonight I’m walking down the aisle of hell

The cold shrieking of my Mother-

“Stop this riot, you serve us!”

..But I’ve been in love with the Demon, he’s been my Lover


By Anamika Dutta©


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