Can We Please Be Excused from All Our Excuses?

Excuses, we are Kings and Queens of that, now aren’t we? But why do we make up excuses? Is it because we are afraid of the truth? Well, I believe we could not care any less about the truth and we are never intimidated by it, the reason why we hide it is because we are afraid of the people. We are social animals and we cannot live alone all by ourselves so we live in groups and apparently the other group members can talk (Yeah that’s the worst part of being a human). So we tend to hide the truth and start making up excuses.

“Do you wanna go out tonight?” “No, I’ve got work” The Truth – I’m insecure about myself and I personally think that I’m not a very friendly/attractive person so I might end up embarrassing others including myself. “Would you like to dance?” “No I really can’t dance” The Truth – Everyone can dance for God’s sake, it’s just all about moving your hands and feet and I believe I’m quite good at it but you might think I’m silly and a terrible dancer. ~ A few examples of excuses that we make up pretty often and there are others as well. Have you realized that this society has paralyzed you? You cannot even be yourself just because you think too much about what will others say, sweetie others don’t pay your bills, you do. What is the worst thing that you think is gonna happen? They will make fun of you or you’ll be single forever, something like that eh? Lemme tell you, they make fun of you and they’ll continue to do so, you know why? It’s the only way to make them feel good and superior about themselves. Ending up being single forever, how is it so bad? Do you think any less of yourself? If someone cannot accept you the way you are, he/she doesn’t deserve you already and if you’re planning just to land a guy/gal just ‘cause you don’t wanna be alone for the rest of your life then think again do you really wanna settle for that? Don’t you have even a bit of self-respect? If you cannot love yourself enough to spend the whole life with just yourself then how can you expect someone else to do that for you? Isn’t that hypocrisy? They say truth hurts but I believe the truth doesn’t hurt, it’s possibly the most beautiful thing in this world, the reaction of others towards the truth hurts.

So what is this truth anyway that we are so afraid to tell anyone about? We don’t want to belittle ourselves, we don’t wanna break someone’s heart or we just think that excuses are the easier way out? Everyone is special, we all have good and evil both in ourselves. The Angel and the Demon both live within you. There is good in everybody if we cannot see that then it’s our eyes which are faulty.

You think any less of you because you are insecure about yourself then why would anyone do you any favor of thinking any different? You were wrong/have made mistakes/can’t afford a Prada/don’t have a BMW/don’t have a perfect body, well you are not the only one and how can you define anything or anyone as ‘perfect’ when the word itself doesn’t describe it fully. Everyone has different definition of ‘perfection’ and you cannot deny that.

Be confident about yourself and be proud of who you are. If you have a conscience and the minimum presence of mind to realize what is right and what is wrong in this mankind then you are lucky enough. You are more than lucky to be a part of this wonderful journey of life. So make it worthy and a memorable one, after all you only get to live once and stop making excuses, be yourself and be honest.

I do realize that it’s going to be a big and probably the most difficult step to take. Now you are this person who is almost anti-social because of the insecurities about your own self or other reasons or you’re this extremely social person because you have so much pain in your heart which you can hide only via interacting with strangers who are far away from you and less likely to break your heart, even though it doesn’t make any sense, and all of a sudden you decide to become completely honest with yourself as well as with the rest of the world, some might consider it to be rude but hey they’ll learn too. I’m not saying to become a cut-throat inhuman, honesty with subtly is the way to go.

So start your day with a Hello to yourself and spread the love with an honest heart.

By Anamika Dutta©


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