Pretty Man

I was looking for answers of my life’s miseries

I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able

To lead the life I’ve always wanted to

How I was so naive and vulnerable

You came across my way in a lonely Sunday night

I was about to leave for the place to stay the night

You saw me with that another man

You asked me about what I’d become

I didn’t know what it had to do with you

I couldn’t do the things the way you can

He could never be just like you

You were the match to my soul; you Pretty Man

It had become quite hard for me to breathe

Along the way I had no sense of self or me

Far too long I was going on the wrong path

You came along and gave me the key – to life

Every day I felt like I was drowning

In a ocean of hardships and I kept pretending

Like it could be ever-ending

Where were you then my Pretty Man?

Before our rendezvous you never seemed to care

What made you change your mind?

Was it only an answer to my prayer?

 I thought you were forever kind

No it didn’t change a thing at all

I am exactly where I started

You’d never answer to my call

You came and we parted

Pretty Man you were only there to keep a count

How come I’d never seen you around?

Only one night all it took to make me realize?

I again met the Pretty Man at the church tonight!


By Anamika Dutta©


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